CALMUS Web is a new compositional web application, based on the CALMUS compositional brain, that enables you to take your composition to another level.

CALMUS Web is a platform free application. It is possible to access the CALMUS brain anywhere in the world through the Internet and it works on your smart phone, PC, Mac etc. and is available for everybody. It is a web software, serving the composer through the CALMUS-composition tool, that both shortens the working time of the composer as well as expanding his artistic spectrum.

On step further

CALMUS Web is a step further from the app CALMUS Play, using the same functionality but in a much more complex and diverse way: You simply record your musical material into CALMUS Web through MIDI and the program will analyze it and compose around the input material, within the complexity range the user prefers. It is a compositional tool you are in dialogue with, that serves the composer and helps him take the composition to the level of his artistic goal.  .

From one note you can compose e.g. a trio with a harmony. - The power of the artificial intelligence, it can take very limited amount of musical material and expand it to the unexpected field of music.
— Kjartan Ólafsson
It will give you something new and take you somewhere unexpected, it will become an extension of your thought process and take you somewhere you would never have gone.
— Jón Hallur Haraldsson

About CALMUS Web