CALMUS Composer enhances your abilities as a composer,
performer, and conductor to compose music in real time. 

CALMUS Composer enables you to compose music in real-time during compositional writing and performances. Using this software you can develop and control the progression of the music in accordance to other factors, such as the atmosphere and reactions of the audience. By using CALMUS Composer in theatre and dance productions, possibilities open up to allow  the elements in the piece, such as the story, characters, and lighting to influence the production's music in real-time. Dancers, actors, directors, and even stage managers can affect the tension and colour of the soundscape in accordance with the dynamics of each piece. Improvisation combined with classical composition methods and a real-time performance are exciting ways of creating unique atmospheres in each performance which would otherwise be repeated.


CALMUS Composer Lite is available here 

CALMUS Composer is available here


Designed for traditional and electronic instruments

CALMUS Composer includes various compositional tools to modify and transfer individual musical objects using both traditional and contemporary composition tools and methods for traditional and electronic instruments. It is constructed for contemporary music and addresses musical problems that occur in music, providing functions and options to handle them by using artificial intelligence. The texture of the music is determined by the type of polyphony and melodies used in the composition process and by the development of them.


With CALMUS Composer you can work with different polyphony settings, such as:


  1. with individual voices where all voices within the composition are melodically independent but can be harmonically connected;

  2. with horizontal-vertical voices that come from the syntax of a method frequently used in Twelve-Tone Music;

  3. with homophonic voices where all voices share the same attack time points as the first melody.

Using this method CALMUS creates a canon type texture where the voices share the same or similar arguments, resembling at a certain level the texture of the traditional canonic polyphony. CALMUS Composer manipulates the composer’s musical input to create extended musical work. You can at any given moment change the progression of the music according to your own artistic inclination.


Benefits of using CALMUS for real-time composing

  • Other participants (dancers, instrumentalists, actors etc.) can affect the development of the musical work.
  • Create a unique work of music each time based on your musical objectives.
  • Real time manipulation of the composition.
  • Works with CALMUS Notation to feed notations to instrumentalists.
  • Control parameters such as speed, rhythm, and colour independently.
  • Includes an extensive library of sounds and musical ideas.
  • Offers the possibility to compose a musical composition comprised of unique ideas indefinitely long.

Benefits of using CALMUS for composing

  • Synchronise it with other music tools.
  • Use both traditional and contemporary composition tools and methods.
  • Playback with digital instruments.  
  • Export scores directly into traditional notation.
  • Experiment with musical material according to different styles and diversity.
  • Less time needed to compose, edit, and record music.
  • Includes an extensive library of sounds and musical ideas.