CALMUS Play - Your Personal Composer

Have music composed just for you based on your personality! Get CALMUS Play here for your iPhone or iPad to compose your personal music!

CALMUS Play composes music exclusively for your unique self from a combination of your zodiac sign, your favourite colour, the complexity of your personality, your main interest, and distinguishing features of your home country. Using Artificial Intelligence CALMUS Play composes music based on this information for your unique self in merely seconds.

When downloaded you can save your music and let your friends listen to your personal music. Or send your music to CALMUS Notation through WiFi and play it yourself on an instrument of your choice - or post it on Facebook!


How it works:

Select your origin

Select your Zodiac sign

Set your personality complexity

Select between four interests

Select your favourite colour

Set the speed of your music

Click the play button


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have been born as a yellow Scorpio in Japan, a red Capricorn in Australia, a pink Leo in Hawaii, or as a blue Virgo in Iceland? Set your home country in the world and hear what your music would sound like if you were from there!