CALMUS Play and CALMUS Play Free compose music in realtime and can send the musical result to GraphicalNotation to be presented for musical performance.

Graphical Notation is an App for the iOS Apps CalmusPlayFree 1.4.2. and CalmusPlay 1.5.3.

It can compose music using Artificial intelligence and in addition to that - it can receive composed music from CALMUS Play and CALMUS Play Free and present the music as graphical notation for performance. 

CALMUS Play is connected to GraphicalNotation through WiFi local network - by pressing the note symbol in the lower left corner on CALMUS Play. The note symbol will turn red indication that graphical notation stream to GraphicalNotation device.

GraphicalNotation is connected to CALMUS Play through WiFi local network - by selecting the iOS device in the settings of GraphicalNotation.

You can get CALMUS Notation here.