CALMUS Gaming is an innovative tool for creating and controlling
music within computer games. 

Instead of the soundscape being a perpetually repeated part of the game's environment, it changes constantly as the game progresses and according to the player's performance and actions. The system composes music simultaneously in real time based on the characters' movements, changes in surroundings, and her standing in the game. It can become gloomy and murky, e.g. when inside a recently blown-up space station, fast and aggressive during combat etc.

The system is tailor-made for the fast-growing market of massive multi-player online computer games (MMO) such as EVE Online and is the only music program that offers the possibility to create soundscapes in real time within the virtual reality of MMO games. 

CALMUS Gaming is based upon the combined research and collaboration of highly experienced specialists in the fields of technology, computer games, and musical composition and developed in collaboration with CCP - the makers of EVE Online.


About CALMUS Gaming

You only need to pre-write the theme itself. And then CALMUS would make it fit that situation. And I think that is one of the biggest thing about CALMUS Gaming is that it would save a lot of time.
— Jón Hallur Haraldsson

* * * * *

A demo from the online computer game EVE-online where CALMUS Gaming is composing the music in real time for the player.